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Throwing Up Rainbows

My mission is to take people on journeys of the mind to inspire meaningful and significant change and help create lives of health, happiness, and freedom.

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Throwing Up Rainbows: My Eating Disorder and Other Colorful Things

“Every story has a villain. Every story has a hero. I am both.”

For years, Z Zoccolante lived without hope that she could be free from her eating disorder. Her marriage became a love triangle between her husband, her disorder, and her. She lived two parallel lives – but wasn’t good enough at either.

THROWING UP RAINBOWS tells the story of her recovery. It shows how she found the terrifying lightness of freedom and the one thing that brought her home.

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Aloha, call me Z

I grew up in Hawaii loving sunshine, beach camping, and shave ice. If we can talk about dark, gritty stuff and laugh in between, we’ll probably be best friends.

I’m an LA-based writer and grad student specializing in substance and behavioral addiction. I work at a drug & alcohol rehab.

I believe that that addiction is addiction, but my story involves an eating disorder. I created this site to share the most important things I’ve learned in my own recovery from my eating disorder. I’m also here as one example to prove it’s possible for you to recover completely from your addiction.







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