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Does your happily ever after actually exist?

Hello, Call Me Z

I’m Christen Zoccolante: Author, Actress, Fairytale Dreamer. I go by Z. I grew up in beautiful, warm Hawaii reading and “make pretending” as my favorite pastimes. My Pinterest boards reveal my fascination with magical kingdoms and interesting villains, as well as my love of dark humor. I love to laugh and eat chocolate chip cookies, not necessarily at the same time.

In my teens, I experienced the common yearning for perfection, which led to many years fraught with a secret eating disorder. A shy loner in high school, I camped out in the locker room and filled notebooks with confessions, poems, and stories.

I left Hawaii and earned a screenwriting degree at Loyola Marymount University in LA, backpacked through Europe, and studied in Germany. I’ve lived in a van and on a boat, and joke that the one remaining residence that would complete the triangle is a tree house, which I hope to live in someday.

After college, one magical night at a bar, I met the man who had no idea he would end up marrying me and my eating disorder. The eating disorder almost ended up destroying me and our marriage but I won my happily ever after on my own terms. My debut memoir, including all the complex truths I wish I’d known when I was younger, will help those trying to recover from eating disorders and other addictions.

My writing has appeared in various publications, and in the past year at Healthyplace.com on their Surviving ED blog. Check out my latest project – a podcast about eating disorders, addiction, and destructive behaviors at ThrowingUpRainbows.com

With Love,

Z 🙂